JANOS Wishes We Could Hibernate for a While in “Sicky/Sticky”

Photo Credit: Flaskeladden (@theflaskeladd)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // February 25, 2020

Spending his time between the streets and pubs of Oslo and London, JANOS is a story of organic heightening as he has grown into the talented artist we know today. For years, he performed with other bands, but it wasn’t until he launched his solo career that JANOS really came alive. Now, JANOS takes inspiration from Daft Punk, Bruno Mars, and Anderson .Paak to craft his infectious indie records–including his new funky single, “Sicky/Sticky.”

Graciously blending elements of jazz and soul, “Sicky/Sticky” showcases bold brass and rhythm guitars that remind us of why we’re so obsessed with JANOS. Written about resorting to drugs and alcohol during life’s rough patches, “Sicky/Sticky” has JANOS wishing the world could stay the same if he were to hibernate for a while. It’s interesting to note that JANOS’ message is one of negativity and hopelessness, but he manages to cover that with vivacious instrumentals. 

On “Sicky/Sticky,” JANOS shared,

“‘Sicky/Sticky’ is inspired by The 1975’s last album. Huge fan of them, as well as Bruno Mars and Mac DeMarco. It’s about hiding and hoping, sometimes you just want to pull the curtains and hibernate for a while, and you want the world to be the same when you get out again.”

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