The Holdup Discovers the Secret to Happiness in “Cool Spot”

Photo Credit: Neal Handloser (@handlost)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // February 24, 2020

A self-produced pop/R&B artist from San Jose, The Holdup is here to let the world know that his soulful music is for everyone. With subtle hints of reggae in his feel good pop sound, The Holdup crafts the most fulfilling melodies that make it practically impossible to stop listening. Just before he sets off on his co-headlining North American tour with Grieves, The Holdup is putting forth his delectable new single, “Cool Spot.”

As someone who has faced plenty of obstacles life throws our way, The Holdup encourages us to disconnect from pessimism as much as we can in “Cool Spot.” This upbeat anthem is for those of us who struggle with finding inner peace because we let negativity triumph. Amidst the bubbly lyrics are uplifting instrumentals that reinforce the message of positivity even more. 

On “Cool Spot,” The Holdup shared,

“The track is generally about trying to maintain some amount of peace in everyday life. Each line just needed to be truthful and feel good to sing along to, irrespective to the rest of the lyrics.”

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