Stereo Jane Reminds Us to Value Ourselves with “Strangers”

Photo Credit: Bradley Calder (@bradleyjcalder)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // February 24, 2020

Sydney and Mia Schmier may be sisters by blood, but they’re also the two powerhouses that go by the name of Stereo Jane. Originally living in a quiet suburb outside of Detroit, Stereo Jane is now based in the bustling Los Angeles, which has certainly had a major effect on their music. As mature 21 year olds, both sisters of Stereo Jane have been through enough to learn and convey essential life lessons in their explosive songwriting. 

“Strangers” is a ferocious track that throws us straight into Stereo Jane’s fire of addictive choruses and booming personalities. As you may already know, breakups can be confusing and agonizing so it makes sense that some people may look to others for what they believe would be relief. Set in a cozy dive bar, the accompanying visual follows vocalist Sydney Schmier as she attempts to catch her ex-boyfriend’s attention by chatting it up with numerous strangers. 

On “Strangers,” Stereo Jane explained,

“Through the cover art, we showed how losing such an important part of your life can make you feel like a stranger to yourself. We wanted to show how going through a serious breakup can make you do crazy things and try so hard to get over the other person by talking to strangers.”

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