“Rewind” Your Mind to Better Days with Jet Black Alley Cat

Photo Credit: Raelena Kniff (@raelenak)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // February 24, 2020

Jet Black Alley Cat has never sounded better. Ever since the five-piece met producer Roger Alan Nichols (Steven Tyler, Paramore), Jet Black Alley Cat has been combining their love for rock ‘n’ roll with contemporary pop to create a compelling soundscape we’ve never heard before. As the Nashville band sets their sights high for 2020, we’re more than grateful for their wholesome new single, “Rewind.”

As we enter into adulthood, we can’t help but miss the breezy days we once took for granted as kids. Because of this, “Rewind” has Jet Black Alley Cat reminiscing on the countless heartwarming memories that will only live on in their minds. With electrifying guitars and throbbing percussion, “Rewind” is the synthy masterpiece we’ve all been waiting for. 

On “Rewind,” Jet Black Alley Cat reflected,

“‘Rewind’ is a song of personal honesty and admiration of better times in the past. Vulnerability reigns in this track as it forces us each to face nostalgia vs reality head on.”

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