Yumi Zouma’s “Southwark” Is an Important Promise to Keep

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // February 20, 2020

Although Yumi Zouma originally formed in New Zealand, the band members are scattered across the world in places like New York City and London. Because of their varying locations, distance has always been an underlying theme in their discography. Ahead of their forthcoming album, Truth or Consequences, Yumi Zouma is giving us a sneak peek with “Southwark.”

On “Southwark,” songwriter Christie Simpson explained,

“[‘Southwark’] feels like a dedication, a mantra, a promise to myself. I wrote the chorus line about the someone in particular that I was with at the time, but now it feels like a universal truth for my relationships, a dedication that goes to every person I’ve loved and those that I’m still loving now.”

Yumi Zouma has once again exceeded our expectations with their charismatic melodies layered with pensive lyrics. With hushed vocals, “Southwark” really allows the powerful instrumentals to have a life of its own while still attuning us with the song’s message. It’s been a tradition of Yumi Zouma to shoot at least one video on every record themselves, so the alternative pop band picked up the video camera and filmed themselves in the studio and the beach afterwards. 

“This track has haunted me a little every time I listen. There’s something melancholy that sits in there alongside that overall feeling of quiet elation. I suppose that speaks to the classic dichotomy of love and relationships – nothing is ever 100% good or perfect, and that’s what I am constantly trying to come to terms with.”

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