Tycho Jones Will Happily Satisfy Your Lack of “Serotonin”

Photo Credit: Louis Oliver Byrne (@louisoliverbyrne)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // February 19, 2020

An 18 year old Hackney native, Tycho Jones is one of alternative pop’s best rising artists and you deserve to be introduced to his eclectic soundscape. By the time he was a teenager, Jones was gravitated towards the UK indie scene and eventually began creating his own brand of infectious music. With only two songs released so far, Jones is still in the earliest stages of his career, but trust us when we say he’s going to skyrocket to success in no time.

“Serotonin” is Jones’ new self-produced track that features whirling electronics and fascinating vocal warps. Offering a truthful snippet of Jones’ mind, “Serotonin” is his way of bringing a smile to your face with the very chemical that makes you happy. The “Serotonin” music video has Jones dressed in pajamas, which may suggest that he feels lethargic. Throughout the visual, we see Jones falling in midair as he soaks in the fresh air but always returning to his safe bed.

On “Serotonin,” Tycho Jones shared,

“‘Serotonin’ video out now! It’s been premiered on Complex. Big thank you to everyone who helped me create this madness. Louis Oliver Byrne for directing and Josef O’Connor for creative direction.”

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