Natalie Shay Is “Not The Girl” You Should Underestimate

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // February 18, 2020

She may only be 21, but Natalie Shay is already one of London’s greatest emerging talents. Unlike most artists, Shay has the rare ability to craft memorable melodies while remaining musically mature. Ahead of her forthcoming EP, NAKED, Shay is taking us back to the 80s with “Not The Girl.”

On “Not The Girl,” Natalie Shay reflected,

“This song was written on reflection of a relationship, but more from a perception of understanding rather than a big ‘f*ck you.’”

A blissfully upbeat track, “Not The Girl” features tasty synths and nostalgic percussion layered with Shay’s tenacious vocals. As Shay takes a jab at modern dating, she recognizes that sometimes people feel unworthy and resent the relationships that actually pan out nicely. What stands out to us the most is the explosive guitar riff that has our teeth clenching with every note. 

“I love authentic 80s synth and drum sounds, but I also love modern pop vocal lines and effects. And of course, lots of guitars. I try to include a flavor of each of those things in my music.”

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