Bad Honey Shares the Cure to Bad Relationships in “Circles”

Photo Credit: Lily Resta (@lilmoonpet)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // February 14, 2020

South East London’s Bad Honey never fails to grab our attention within just a few seconds. Comprised of Lydia Clowes and Teresa Origone, the soul pop duo delivers luscious melodies that are bound to leave you stuck in your tracks. As their second release of 2020, Bad Honey is treating us to a delectable new single, “Circles.” 

On “Circles,” Bad Honey shared,

“Being in a relationship where both people are fighting their own battles, and finding strength in supporting each other… It’s a positive way of saying, ‘I’ve got you and you’ve got me,’ and not allowing things to go round in a vicious circle where problems are ignored and the situation gets worse.”

“Circles” is pure bliss. With silky vocals and dreamy synths, the delicate track showers us with the utmost attention and care as we shut our eyes and sink into a fluffy cloud of soul pop. “Circles” serves as a vow between two people to not let their relationship be destroyed by outside forces. It’s safe to say that Clowes and Origone are onto something here, so we suggest you get Bad Honey on your radars immediately. 

Bad Honey added,

“We wanted to create some cyclic motion within the music as well, so we did this via the looping arpeggiated synth in the verses, and the layered backing vocal lines in the choruses, which create a canon-like effect. We worked on this song with our friend Geo, who we produced it with.”

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