Relationships Can Be “2much” Even for Spencer.

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // February 13, 2020

Spencer. praises Rochester, NY, for fostering his artistic growth because of its underrated creative scene. After dropping out of college and creating a new life for himself in Brooklyn, Spencer. achieved major success in just his first year. Now ready to unleash his WAYS U LIKE EP, the R&B charmer is treating us to a generous preview with “2much.” 

On “2much,” Spencer. shared,

“I wrote this song in LA back in July last year, where I was doing a bunch of sessions every day for a month straight. This specific day I had the studio to myself, and it was on a day when it was unusually hard to deal with the distance between me and my personal life in New York.”

Written in Los Angeles last summer, “2much” divulges the well known struggle of being too comfortable in a romantic relationship. “2much” features laid back guitars and steady percussion that compliment Spencer.’s silky vocals. The accompanying visual splices together clips of Spencer. around town as he makes his way to the beach and soaks his classic Converse in the ocean.

Spencer. added,

“It started with the guitar, and the rest wrote itself. It’s kind of about the battle between wanting a person to stay because of comfortability and knowing that you’d be better off without them.”

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