Glass Forest Revisits the Past in Melancholic “I Remember”

Photo Credit: Jordan Clarke (@jordanc87)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // February 13, 2020

Based out of Vancouver, BC, Glass Forest is an indie-pop group that you need to get your ears on immediately. Comprised of Nick Owen, Abby Wale, and Stephen Clarke, Glass Forest crafts the loveliest melodies blended with emotive lyricism that’ll pull at your heartstrings. Although they’ve gained a solid reputation for otherworldly live shows, their limited discography is just as impressive. 

On “I Remember,” Glass Forest reflected,

“In writing ‘I Remember,’ we tried to be as open and honest as we could throughout the writing process, and it’s written about a sensitive subject (jealousy) from two different perspectives of our [Nick and Abby] past relationship. It’s not easy re-exposing old memories, nevermind sitting down in a studio with your ex and confronting past emotions. 

Unlike most songs, “I Remember” is told through two sets of eyes that have very distinct points of view. With an almost chilling element, the slow burning track hears the exes reminiscing about how they used to be. The music video features graceful dancers dressed in white between shots of Owen and Wale singing “I Remember.”

Glass Forest expanded,

“We are SO excited to get this one out. We couldn’t believe the number of talented people that took part in this video and feel so incredibly lucky that we got to share the creation of it with them.”

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