Devin Kennedy Asks If Social Media Has Made Us “Happy Yet”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // February 12, 2020

When Devin Kennedy was gifted a drum set at two years old, he certainly didn’t expect to discover his passion for music right then and there. The years of drum, voice, and guitar lessons paid off because Kennedy eventually found himself at Berklee College of Music, where he perfected his R&B pop soundscape. Constantly frustrated with the negative effects of social media, Kennedy took it upon himself to write the synthy “Happy Yet.”

Like most of us, Kennedy understands FOMO all too well. Taking a jab at the toxicity of social media, Kennedy reminds us that there’s no point in chasing what everyone else brags about because it’s all a facade at the end of the day. Kennedy’s smooth baritone stresses that our psyches have become so twisted with jealousy and insecurities for no good reason.

On “Happy Yet,” Devin Kennedy explained,

“‘Happy Yet’ is about how internet culture has affected my life over the last few years. I’ve noticed that I constantly compare my current situation to others online and the more I do it, the worse I feel. It’s something that’s very hard to let go of. The only fix has been for me to remind myself that most people only display the positive things in their life online, and it’s unfair to compare myself to the online version of anyone.”

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