Callum Beattie Encourages Us to “Talk About Love”

Photo Credit: Andy Whitton

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // February 12, 2020

Life hasn’t always been breezy for Callum Beattie. Just three years ago, he experienced heartbreak that pushed him to leave London for Berlin. That was the year he had to deal with sketchy roommates and emotional pain, but he eventually liberated himself through therapeutic songwriting. Now in a healthy relationship, Beattie shares his muse with us in “Talk About Love.”

The uplifting guitars mixed with Beattie’s organic vocals are the perfect equation for a wholesome tune. Although “Talk About Love” stems from Beattie’s struggle to express his emotions, it takes a turn to reveal that a loving relationship has helped him be more vulnerable. By the end of “Talk About Love,” Beattie has us convinced that talking about feelings is beneficial to everyone.

On “Talk About Love,” Callum Beattie explained,

“‘Talk About Love’ is a song I wrote about my own insecurities. It’s a song about finding it hard to express emotions towards certain people for fear of letting my guard down and what that would lead to.”

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