Ry Melts Our Hearts with “Hard Seasons”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // February 11, 2020

Los Angeles has always been known for sunny beaches and celebrity culture, but now we have a new gift on the horizon: Ry. The rising pop charmer balances a hectic college schedule with the free time he devotes to honing his musical craft, and we are eternally grateful for his dedication. With several songs already recorded, Ry plans to release a few singles over the coming months–with “Hard Seasons” being his second.

We’ve all had low moments, and Ry’s here to let us know that there’s always sunshine after rain. “Hard Seasons” features the sweetest vocals that’ll melt your heart as you appreciate Ry’s honeyed lyrics. Amidst the blissful acoustic strumming, Ry sings about how music has been his crutch even in his darkest times.

On “Hard Seasons,” Ry reflected,

“‘Hard Seasons’ came as a surprise. We were in the middle of writing another song and the chorus came out of nowhere so we rode the wave. The song is about the consistency that music gives me with the comfort of having something positive to lean back on.”

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