A Is for Arrows Mesmerizes Us with Endearing “Roses”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // February 11, 2020

A Is for Arrows is an exemplary illustration of two creative minds that don’t clash. Vocalist Alessia Balasbas and guitarist Eric Robbs met over a decade ago and now they’re taking the electronic pop world by storm with their introspective lyricism. Before the Toronto duo releases their stunning debut EP, they’re treating us to the mesmerizing title track: “Roses.”

On “Roses,” Balasbas shared,

“The initial demo of ‘Roses’ poured out of me in 20 minutes. I wrote the song from top to bottom as if it were already in existence and that’s how I knew it was special from the beginning. It’s the oldest song of ours amongst the others, but somehow continues to evolve in its meaning and feeling. It came from such an authentic place–when you first fall in love with a person and everything is perfectly magical and you can envision a beautiful life together.”

At a time when love is in the air, A Is for Arrows dedicates this endearing tune to the young couples that are still in the lovey dovey phase. “Roses” is drizzled with Balasbas’ striking vocals and the most ethereal instrumentals that’ll leave you enamored of A Is for Arrows. The accompanying music video is appropriately showered with roses and petals, whether they be scattered across chairs or set on fire by their buds. 

Robbs expanded,

“Alessia and I argue over when the song was written, but I think that’s a positive thing. Really because this song means so much to us. It’s been with us on this journey the whole time and has evolved so much since its inception. I think that’s what makes it special. For me, this really feels like the start of everything for Arrows. It’s how we start our show. It’s the first chapter of our book.”

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